The most attractive sun shades for the world’s most beautiful yachts.

Beauty is fragile; the balance of a good design is easily disturbed. The flowing line of many a super-yacht is done no justice if a kind of sun-tent is erected on one of the decks to protect the owners and their guests against the sun.

It is our ambition to built sun awning systems that do justice to the delineation of perfectly designed yachts. Screens that underline the beauty of the design rather than disrupt it, with a functionality that is equally top notch..

This is an ambitious objective, but then again also our clients are demanding. They expect ‘the prettiest shadow under the sun’. It is up to us to complete this task successfully and to have our design form a seamless part of the unique nature and appearance of your yacht.

This is our mission and our rationale, and time and time again the ultimate challenge to our innovative powers. It is a challenge we gladly accept.